‘09 Photo Year In Review: #3. March 2009

Here’s some of my favorite images from March 2009:

03/05/09 The longtime Redskins’ broadcast team of Sam Huff, Frank Herzog and Sony Jergensen share a laugh at a tribute to DC radio/TV broadcasting legend Andy Ockershausen (the man who teamed them up).

03/18/09  10-year old Mikayla Minnig, from Downey, California gets a hug from her mom after her testimony about living with Arthritis before the House Appropriations Labor HHS Committee.

03/11/09 Birthday party for my friends Kate, Vicky and Sarah

03/17/09 My nephew Eamonn on St. Patrick’s Day.

03/17/09 Circus parade through the streets of DC.

03/29/09 Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (D NY) stumps with congressional candidate Scott Murphy at the Country View Diner in Troy, NY.

03/26/09 Bill Gates, Chairman, Microsoft Corporation addresses the Government Leaders Forum – Americas.

03/07/09 Portrait of Sadé.

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