Photo News Aggregate 02/26/10

02/26/10 Dramatic photos taken from NYPD helicopters on 09/11 of the Twin Towers’ destruction were released in response to a Freedom Of Information request by ABC News . . . Bankrupt Polaroid is liquidating it’s vast photo collection – images taken by some of the world’s greatest photographers . . . Vote here if you like New York Magazine’s cover photo of Christina Hendricks in a corset . . . Magnum photo agency has moved it’s entire collection from NY to the University of Texas, Austin. The price of the sale was undisclosed but estimated at $30 million  . . . Don McCullin slideshow “Shaped by War” . . .  Reuters photographer released . . .Slideshow from the ‘Snowpocalypse‘ which hit Washington, DC in mid-February . . . Uproar over Haiti photo workshops in the wake of the devastating earthquake . . . Interactive portfolio about the civil rights era from The New Yorker . . . In case you were wondering: “Why The Swimsuit Issue Matters” . . . Another story on the “re-birth” of photo-j . . . And finally, actor Drew Carey has joined the Board of Directors of the National Press Photographer’s Association which caused some grumbling by members of a “publicity stunt” but was greeted with enthusiasm by many others.

[Drew Carey at the '03 White House Correspondent's Dinner]

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Otoko Naki

02/24/10 An emotional Akio Toyoda, president and CEO of Toyota Motors, thanked Toyota employees for their support at an event held at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C.  following a day of grueling congressional testimony.


02/24/10 Tamara Darvish of DARCARS in Silver Spring, MD rallied with Toyota dealers from across the country at the U.S. Capitol to tell Congress that (among other things) the recall record of the Japanese automaker is much better than that of its Detroit rivals.

Saturday’s Open Studio Re-cap

02/21/10 Yesterday’s Open Studio went well and I want to thank everyone who came out. It was a fun shoot which included photographing an author who is writing a children’s book about a super hero she is portraying. She had a custom made costume which included a cape! We took a lot of pix of her running, punching and jumping.

It will take me a while to photo edit all the images but here’s one of Roxy. She’s one of my favorite models . . .

Model: Roxy

Makeup: LaT

Hello Dalai!

02/18/10 The Dalai Lama was in town today to meet with his fellow Nobel Prize recipient President Obama at the White House.

[After the meeting, a crowd gathered outside the Park Hyatt Hotel attempting to catch a glimpse of the Tibetan holy man.]

[The Dalai Lama came out to greet the crowd outside his hotel.]

[Shouting "Long live Dalai Lama!"]

[This man seemed overcome with emotion after seeing the Dalai Lama.]

Fall 2010 Preview @ DC Fashion Week

02/18/10 DC Fashion Week is upon us in case you were unaware and in Washington, Fashion Week revolves around the embassies. Last night I checked out “Planete Chic Presents Fall 2010 Collections” at the Mexican Cultural Institute. There were three designers in the show; Mexican designer Artemiza Cruz was showing her LAVILL F/W 2010 collection; Serbia-based Tatjana Tatalovic was showing her TATA F/W 2010 collection and Argentina-based Ruben Gonzales was showing his haute couture F/W 2010.


[Kate Michael wearing Ruben Gonzales.]

[LAVILL collection.]

[TATA Collection]

[TATA Collection]

[Samba demonstration between designers.]

[TATA Collection]

[Miss DC Jen Corey was in a bridal gown by Argentina-based designer Ruben Gonzales for the finale of the show.]

Olympic Mitten Frenzy

02/17/10 Turns out I picked up one of the “must have” items from the Vancouver Olympics without even leaving town. USA Today reports on the huge popularity of the $10 pair of red mittens with the Olympic logo on one side and the maple leaf emblem of Canada on the palm. Demand has completely exceeded supply. The original run of 1 million pairs has been changed to a projected 3.4 million pairs. USA Today: “But they’re hard to get. They’re currently out of stock on the Vancouver 2010 site. Hudson’s Bay has them in stock in stores, but isn’t licensed to ship them outside Canada. Some folks are turning to eBay and paying twice the price, or more.”

Here’s a similar story from Yahoo Sports.

I got mine the easy way by attending the the opening night ceremony watch party at the Embassy of Canada last Friday night. All of the guests coming into the party got a pair.

[Bro Tim shows off the mittens at the Embassy of Canada's opening ceremony watch party.]

USA Today Red Mitten Slide Show here.

Speaking of the games and photos, Foreign Policy magazine has a cool slide show called “Olympic Outliers: Forget the Jamaican bobseld team. This year, there’s a pack of Olympic underdogs from countries that aren’t well known for cold-weather sports.”

And here’s a story from Yahoo Sports on the “semi provocative pose” by skier Lindsey Vonn on the cover of Sports Illustrated’s Winter Olympic preview issue.