Bastille Day ’09 in Adams Morgan


07/14/09 They closed a city street in the Adams Morgan neighborhood of DC tonight for L’Enfant Café’s Bastille Day bash and “French Maid” relay race. 30 customers dressed in French Maid costumes and spectators were promised in advance that the race would have “all of the fun and excitement of the Grand Prix with none of the elegance.”

Crowd2.32*[Street scene]


[I never knew Louis XVI was a smoker. Or really scary looking in a very French way.]


[Contestants Sarah and Kamilla]

Girl on Cell phone1.37*[I just thought this woman was very interesting looking. ]

Group2.12*[Rowdy French Maids pre-race.]

Sarah1.50*[Best photo I took all day.]

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4 thoughts on “Bastille Day ’09 in Adams Morgan

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