Training Day


Astana** 3385

04/25/15 Saturday in Kazakhstan was an official “Day of Silence” with regards to electioneering. No official campaign events were allowed on the day before Election Day. I went instead with a group of media for a tour of three electric train and passenger car manufacturing and assembly plants in a special economic development zone outside Astana.

Astana *3532


Astana *3552


Astana *3472


Astana *3514

Future Energy Expo 2017


Hard Hat *108

04/24/15 Kazakhstan is preparing a huge space (174 hectares) in the capital of Astana for a special exposition on future energy. 23 countries and 3 international organizations have officially confirmed their participation.

Expo Construction* 3158


Press were given a tour of the construction on Friday afternoon.



Trad Garb* 3264