Robin Williams


Robin Williams*168

08/12/14 I was sad to hear of the death of comedian Robin Williams yesterday. I took this photo of him in May of 2009 at the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum as he was clowning with red carpet photographers at the premiere of “Night At The Museum 2.”

French Maid Races – Bastille Day 2014

*French Maids 1.2513


07/12/14 Once again L’Enfant Cafe closed a city street for their famous French Maid race in DC’s Adams Morgan neighborhood on Saturday afternoon to celebrate Bastille Day two days early. Here’s a video snippet.

*French Maids 1.2206

*French Maids 1.2385

*French Maids 1.2462

*French Maids 1.2477

*French Maids 1.2542

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Z-Burger’s 6th Annual Burger Eating Contest

Winner *3.1432

07/03/14 Z-Burger’s 6th Annual Washington, DC Independence Burger Eating Championship. Molly Schuyler wins by eating 26 burgers in 10 minutes.