Astana* 3730

04/25/15 I drank camel’s milk, looked inside a yurt, purchased a hat and held a Kazakh eagle at the ethno-village “Zheruik” on Saturday afternoon.

Astana *3795


Astana* 3751


Astana* 280


Astana* 3801

Training Day


Astana** 3385

04/25/15 Saturday in Kazakhstan was an official “Day of Silence” with regards to electioneering. No official campaign events were allowed on the day before Election Day. I went instead with a group of media for a tour of three electric train and passenger car manufacturing and assembly plants in a special economic development zone outside Astana.

Astana *3532


Astana *3552


Astana *3472


Astana *3514

Future Energy Expo 2017


Hard Hat *108

04/24/15 Kazakhstan is preparing a huge space (174 hectares) in the capital of Astana for a special exposition on future energy. 23 countries and 3 international organizations have officially confirmed their participation.

Expo Construction* 3158


Press were given a tour of the construction on Friday afternoon.



Trad Garb* 3264


Back To Kazakh!

Poster w Baiterek Reflection* 3143


[A campaign poster for Kazakhstan’s President Nursultan Nazarbayev is displayed in a downtown Astana storefront window with the Baiterek tower reflected in the background.]

04/24/15 I’m back in Kazakhstan in the county’s capital of Astana to cover the snap presidential election which was to have been held in 2016 but was moved forward by a year.

Turkish Delight

Cemil Ipekci *1782

04/14/15 “Turkey’s Voice For Women” was a special event to raise awareness on the issue of violence against women. It was hosted by the Embassy of Turkey with designs by Turkish fashion designer Cemil Ipekçi at the Willard Hotel in Washington DC on Tuesday evening.

Designer, Ambassador & Susan Ann Davis *1494[R to L: Designer Cemil Ipekçi, Ambassador Serdar Kiliç and Ms. Susan Ann Davis, Chair of the Board, Vital Voices Global Partnership]

Turkey Fashion *745


Turkish Fashion * 059


Turkish Fashion *115



Turkish Fashion*  0135


Turkish Fashion *479


Ambassador Serdar Kilic & Amelia Wolf *1495

[Ambassador Kiliç and Amelia Wolf]


Nats Home Opener 2015

Scherzer* 152

04/06/15 Max Scherzer (0-1), making the first start of his $210 million contract with the Washington Nationals, was in total control of the home opener versus the New York Mets with a no-hitter into the sixth. Costly errors though allowed the Mets to beat the Nats 3-1 on Monday afternoon. This despite a homer by Bryce Harper – his 3rd opening day homer in 3 years.

*Bryce 452

*Mazel Tov 012

*FANS 353

**Werth 382